Salmon fishing at Belousiha river in Murmansk


Excellent and unique fishing at salmon rivers Belousiha and Voronya



The river Belousiha is one of the best salmon rivers of the Kola Peninsula, always crystal clear water regardless of floods and precipitation, originates in the system of lakes of the northern coast of the Barents Sea, also rich in trout, char, and grayling, and passing through many small rapids and reaches, flows into The river Voronya.

The fishing base Belousikha/Voronya is located 150 km from the city of Murmansk on the very bank of Belousiha river. Just come by car from Kirkenes to Murmansk and no helicopter delivery is required. This camp was built 3 years ago on a plateau blown with all the winds, which allows you to relax on the nature without mosquitoes, annoying midges and heat, and also to stroll through the deserted expanses of the tundra, to see all the beauty and richness of our land. At the same time, the camp can accommodate 10 people, both fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts on quad bikes in summer or snowmobiles in the winter. The lower part and the upper part of the river Belousikha are strikingly different. Here there are quiet areas, and turns with a rocky ridge, clay canopies over the water, passages knocked out by water in the rock for 1000 years. For those who want to relax here in winter time, you can catch a magnificent char, weighing up to 1.5 kg and see the severe Barents Sea and its ice hummocks, bright northern lights on a dark polar night, which is especially impressive inclear weather, far from the light of a big city.


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Fishing and tourist camp is located on the bank of Belousiha River, 18 km long. On the basis there is a permanent connection to the electrical power supply. Just in contrast to the silence and the lost of this corner of nature, on the base you can find a shower with hot water, and a sauna, and a well-equipped dining room with a fireplace, where in the big common hall all tourists gather to watch TV, discuss plans for tomorrow or just nice to relax. Attentive english speaking staff, picturesque nature, fresh air, healthy and delicious food — for you. There is an open gazebo with electric lighting, a dining room with satellite TV, a sauna, showers, a toilet, lodges for two. From an open gazebo you can admire nature and the river, feel detached from civilization, in the dining room you will be very deliciously served with 3 meals a day from the kitchen.


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Surprisingly, on this river coexist together with salmon and trout, sea trout, whitefish and grayling. Here you can learn how to fish, and hone your skills. Our experienced guides will help you with this.



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Watch video from Belousiha



August 2020

4.08 — 11.08      175 000 Rub    (Belousiha + Voronya)
11.08 — 18.08     175 000 Rub  (Belousiha + Voronya)
18 .08 — 25.08   175 000 Rub  (Belousiha + Voronya)
25.08 — 01.09    175 000 Rub   (Belousiha + Voronya)

September  2020

01 09. — 08.09   175 000 Rub (Belousiha + Voronya)

08.09 — 15.09     175 000 Rub (Belousiha + Voronya)


– accommodation in the 6 separated cottages (two beds, table, wardrobe);

– 3 time meals;

– satellite TV;

– hot shower and sauna;

– professional english speaking guide-instructor that works only at the Belousiha and Voronya;

– the fishing licenses “Catch and release”;

Not  inclusive:


– alcoholic drinks (its up to your choice ;-) ;

– tips for staff;

-  Transportation to and from base

- Visa to Russia



  • Group 8 persons per week
  • Tourist invitation and visa possible to obtain via our visaservice in Oslo and Kirkenes. We need your passport copies by e-mail to make a visa invitations. Visa procedures takes 3-10 days in Oslo Visa Centre or you can send your passport and visa applications to Kirkenes Visa Centre and than we can pick up your passport on the way to Murmansk. We will help you to fill inn the application form and will guide you how to obtain a visa with our Visaservice agent in Oslo and Kirkenes.  Visum handling 4-10 working days for Norwegian and EU citizens           1250 NOK for tourist visa inkl. invitation. We will provide support for you visa application.
  • You can reach Kirkenes with morning flight from Oslo by SAS with SK 4472 at 11.05 or Norwegian DY 310 at  11 30. Our driver will meet you with the sign and  at the arrival hall in Hoybuktmoen Kirkenes airport to pick you up to Murmansk. It will take 3,5 hours to go to Murmansk and 2,5 hours from Murmansk to the fishing camp. Buss will cost  24 000 Rub one way additonally.
  • Arrival to the fishing base Belousikha, check inn, dinner at the canteen, sauna.
  • Early in the morning starts fishing after breakfast at the canteen, you will get a food wiht you at the river and will have a great possibility to arrange a lunsj in the «wild nature» on river during your the fishing session. Even a small summer house with coffee&tea pause with meals arranged on the shore!
  • In the evening you will have a russian dinner and after you can go to sauna.

So you will have the whole week outbreak in the wild nature with possibilities to renew you own catch record!

As an option  when you finished week-programm at Belousikha you can go to Murmansk for overnight and saturday is the day for fishing at Kola and Kitsa rivers. One day with rafting on the boat with fishing on the Kola and Kitsa rivers with meals will cost 35 000 Rub per person.

Guides speaks english and norwegian than can assist you on the river to find a best place for fishing!

If you are interested in the exciting opportunity to catch salmon and other fish on the Kola Peninsula, please contact us.
We will answer all your questions.
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